Dear readers,

The next issue of The Paris Globalist will be about “Transparency”, including world politics, open data, elections, government, propaganda and whatever makes you feel Big Brother is watching you, but that you can’t stare back at him.

As you might have noticed, we’ve revamped our website for the occasion, but unfortunately we lost all data from previous configurations (server database error – not really our fault). However, the website is now fully functional : you can comment web articles, access our Twitter thread and reach us on Facebook. You can also contact us by e-mail if you want to receive a print copy of the Paris Globalist or if you want to propose an article for next issue [note : you have to be a Sciences Po Student – or currently on exchange at Sciences Po to submit an article.]
Concerning navigation on the website, we will indicate for each article whether it is from the print edition. We do not prefer quantity over quality : web articles undergo the same selection process as printed ones, and are generally more up-to-date. However, they are frequently off-theme, which is why we prefer to release them earlier and in no particular order.
We are also welcoming infographics and motion design. We are also considering publishing audio and video documentaries via Soundcloud and Vimeo, if you have ideas or files you want to show us, contact us.


The Paris Globalist Team