From Paris to Rio : the rising voices against the Olympics

With less than 250 days before the beginning of the 2024 Paris Olympics, the games which the organising committee defined as  “irreproachable” have already left a bitter taste for defenders of green spaces in the suburbs of the French capital. Construction works for the games have eaten away at public spaces and green areas. An unsurprising situation for many, as previous Olympics have a legacy of destroying green spaces and gentrifying host-cities. Proponents counter that the Olympics will prove largely beneficial, with much of the development in Seine-Saint-Denis, France’s poorest department. 

The Lesser Angels of India’s Democracy

Photo: Adnan Abidi/Reuters India. Once hailed as the world’s largest democracy, it has in recent years given more and more cause for its democratic credentials to be held in doubt. With a nationalist majoritarian political party in power at the ... Read More