The Paris Globalist editorial board ’21/’22

Editor-in-Chief Jiya Dhillon

Jiya will be serving as the Editor in Chief of the Paris Globalist for this year. Originally from India, she completed her bachelor’s degree from Sciences Po’s Le Havre campus and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Governance and Diplomacy at PSIA. She is particularly interested in international public policy making, human rights and conflict mediation.  

Managing Editor Nicolas Guignard

Nicolas is the managing editor of The Paris Globalist for this academic year. He comes from France, and spent the first two years of his undergraduate degree within Sciences Po’s EURAM programme – on the Reims campus. As part of his dual degree, he spent the next two years at the University of Hong Kong, and now holds two bachelors (Business Administration and Sciences Po’s College Universitaire). He pursues his interest for policy making at Sciences Po’s school of Public Affairs, within the Economics and Public Policy stream. 

Creative Director Fiona Andre

Fiona is the creative director of The Paris Globalist. She’s a first-year journalism student at Sciences Po. Previously she was in B/L preparatory classes in Paris and she completed her bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Descartes University. She launched a media about haitian politics and she aspires to become a journalist specialized in global affairs and politics.

Social Media Manager Yu-Hsiang Wang

Originally from Taiwan, Yu-Hsiang is pursuing his master’s degree in International Security with Asian Studies and Diplomacy as his concentrations at Sciences Po. Joining The Paris Globalist in 2020 as a staff writer, he wishes to further help TPG thrive by becoming the social media manager of the 2021/2022 academic year. Prior to his academic journey in France, he had acquired the experience of working in the journalism industry by being a journalist at The Bangkok Post in Thailand. He is now taking a gap year to conduct two internships in Berlin and Athens, both in journalism on migration, to build up a more rounded professional portfolio. Yu-Hsiang aspires to become an investigative journalist or a foreign correspondent after his studies.

Instant insights editor Leah Koonthamattam

Leah is serving as the editor for the TPG Instant Insights section. She is currently a second year student studying International Security at PSIA and working as an intern at OECD South and Southeast Asia Division. She has previously worked with several digital publishers in India such as ThePrint and Feminism in India. 

External & Internal outreach officier Tereza Neuwirth

Tereza is serving as the Internal & External Outreach Officer for The Paris Globalist, responsible for communication with partners and external organisations. She is a first year Master student of the PSIA programme Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, where she specialises in Diplomacy and Europe. She has a previous experience as assistant editor and writer for Diplomat Magazine Netherlands, which she did during her undergraduate studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands.