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A war of words: Breaking down 50 years of US-Iran relations through rhetoric and media coverage

For many, the nuclear agreement reached with Iran in 2015 seemed like a glimmer of hope. In the United States, it was a sign of easing tensions between two countries that lacked any bit of understanding for most of the last half-century. But four years later, and nearly a year and a half after President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the 2015 pact, U.S.-Iran relations are just as vitriolic as they ever were.

Forgotten Land Under The Sun: The West Papua conflict

Indonesia might not be the first country to come up when we talk about conflict. However, this great power of Southeast Asia has been involved in an ongoing conflict with one of its official regions for more than 56 years as of October 2019: West Papua. While racism towards West Papuans is endemic across Indonesia, the root of the protests lie in the region’s long-standing and violent history of political colonisation, ethnic domination, and cultural assimilation under Indonesian rule.

Revolution at home: Unmasking Hong Kong’s summer of discontent

My hometown has been in the news a lot lately, and when people ask me about it, I am sometimes at a loss for words. My home is known for its free economy and its beautiful skyline. But this year, it has transformed into a battlefield. Millions of people are on the streets while the police erect metal barricades coated with pepper spray residue. This place is also my home, Hong Kong.