Let us have a conversation today.
Let us talk.
Let us exchange the feelings our hearts have carried within them
For generations
Let us talk about them
Share, experience
And then,
Let us learn from each other.

Let us have a conversation today,
Let me tell you, 
Of stories my mother told me,
These stories came to her from hers,
And to her, from hers.
Let me hear the ones that you found
In that ancient diary, 
Hidden in that corner of your house
That you hadn’t yet visited.

Let us have a conversation today,
Because maybe then,
And only then, 
Would we be able to see,
How similar, and yet how different,
You and I are.

Let us have a conversation today,
You and me,
Us and them,

Let us pour our pains, and our joys,
Out to each other,
And let us embrace them all.
Let us have a conversation today. 

For these conversations may not take us far, 
But they will bring us closer,
And these conversations,
May begin,
What nothing else has. 


  • Shireen Manocha is serving as the Public Relations Manager as well as a Staff Writer for the Paris Globalist this year. Hailing from India, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Delhi. She has previously been a part of the editorial teams of her high-school and university magazines and newsletters. Her personal blog, where she writes fictional prose and poetry, is a reflection of her passion for writing. Pursuing the dual masters degree in International Affairs with LSE, she’s studying the Masters in International Security at PSIA, Sciences Po.