Selected Essays 2020

Dear staff and students,

I am so very pleased to be able to introduce you to the Paris Globalist essay selection of 2020!

With this publication of essays, we hope to feature some of the longer and more in-depth pieces that Sciences Po students submitted for their classes last semester. Often enough, their work and dedication is only read by their professors and perhaps a few peers. By publishing them in our student magazine, we are giving them the recognition they deserve.

Although we did not provide a theme for this selection, we did notice an overarching narrative in the three essays: They all, in one way or another, discuss the tools people use to influence public policy or other developments — either through activism (Annina), protests in a structure-agent framework (Jeremy), or by coercion, such as sexual violence (Maximilian).

Another common thread in the three selected essays is the inspiration behind them. Each individual was inspired by the author’s own (academic) interests or personal experiences. Such backgrounds often make for the best-written works.

So as you turn the pages, I hope you’ll learn something new, and get inspired to explore complicated topics like these for your own future essays. Who knows, perhaps you’ll see them featured here next year!

Yours sincerely,

Meike Eijsberg | Editor-in-Chief

On behalf of The Paris Globalist Team 2019-2020